2016-07-14 10:17:15 by LemKuuja

I'm open again for commissions! Here's my prices 


If you think something seems too expensive, I'd like to have your opinion on it, pretty please.

Prices depend on the amount of elements, detail and color used in a piece

Paypal is my main payment method!


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2017-05-02 10:13:48

you used to have good shit but now you're like everyone else on here

LemKuuja responds:

You don't know me though, I haven't changed, I would've done the same things even 2 years ago.
I just haven't had the time to clean up and finish coloring an entire NSFW image.

I really do what I enjoy doing, whether you like it or not, that's your personal preference!

I draw nsfw stuff a lot, I just like to share my finalized stuff only, in fact I have a full sketchbook of hentai lol

But if you want to shame me for what I like say that I'm not good now because I drew one nude picture... I mean I dunno tbh, alright I guess :/

You're free to unfollow me, have a nice day! ♥


2017-05-02 20:18:17

keep telling yourself that

LemKuuja responds:

lol ok thanks mom